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Posted on 18. May, 2011 by afanley in Reviews

Quick Facts

Product Name: FeedNamer
Standard Price: $44
Author: Brad Gosse
Reviewer: Aaron
Bonus Offered: Yes

Where to Buy

You can get FeedNamer from their website by clicking here. Please note that the price as listed above might have changed since publishing this review. Purchasing via this link will entitle you to the FeedNamer purchase bonus.

Publisher’s Description

Discover new trends and profitable niches with ease. Get hot new domain names with ease. This is better than ANY keyword research tool.

  • Build up a site and start getting immediate traffic WHILE the search trend is HOT and BEFORE everyone else…
  • Find a hot, laser targeted domain and you can flip JUST THE DOMAIN for up to 4 figures…
  • Feednamer finds trends with available domains based on todays conversation
  • Everyone knows the value of having a domain on target with a hot keyword
  • You get an INSTANT ranking advantage by having keywords in your domain

User Reviews

FeedNamer Review8.0103
  1. Alexander Bosika May 2011 #
    Now this is an absolute KILLER application! What better way than to automate the research to find some domains on the fly. Let’s put it this way, someone recently netted $327K to put up an Osama is Dead T-shirt website the night US forces took him down. He responded and put together the site in less than 2 hours to monetize the event. Imagine what you can do with this software to launch and monetize instantly and net some extra $$$. Brad knows how to build cool, functional software with a solid guarantee and support to boot. Are you going to wait any longer? I didn’t. I have the software for all my projects.
  2. Jeff C May 2011 #
    I grabbed this when it was a WSO and have to say it is one of the best tools I have purchased in the last couple of years! I used to think like allot of other folks and thought “All the good domains are taken”. Well I am happy to say that FeedNamer prooved me wrong. Though if to many folks get their hands on this those good domains will disappear quickly.
  3. Paul Bannister May 2011 #
    Awesome software…and seriously addictive. I can see this tool is going to explode the domaining market.

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